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Panda pug puppies for sale

First and Foremost, Soccer is Available vaccinations for the sweet panda, health examinations, and wormings have been completed. Now he’s prepared for a new residence. He has two blue eyes and carries Merel. Raised in a family, he gets along well with both his siblings and children.

The piedbaldisms known as panda pugs are models of pandas! Additionally, some of them have eyes that are an icy blue color, which gives them a distinct personality.

Panda pugs are a different peculiar pug colour; they are exactly like pandas in all respects, with a white coat and black markings around their eyes, ears, and feet. A lot of panda pugs will have blue or brown eyes instead of the typical black muzzle. One advantage of having a panda pug is that they don’t shed as much as other pug varieties do. Some pandas suffer from vitiligo, an intractable disorder that can be treated with medication. I’ve met one panda pug in my travels, and he was as delightful as any pug could be.

What is a panda pug puppy?

The panda pug is a breed of dog with a distinctive coat colour that mimics the characteristics of a panda bear. This adorable and unique dog is well-known for having brilliant white hair with dark or black rings surrounding its eyes.

Although the origin of panda pugs is uncertain, they are said to have originated in China when a pug and a toy or tiny poodle mated to produce a hybrid that possessed the best traits of both the pug and the poodle.

The distinctive blue eyes of panda pug puppies for sale contrast sharply with their black circles. Pugs’ amiable dispositions are another reason why potential owners favour them.

Panda pugs are real, and their coat colour is becoming more and more popular among dog enthusiasts, despite their rarity.

Pictures of Mom And Dad

Panda Pugs for sale  Panda Pug Mum

Are the pugs of the panda pug puppies purebred?

Purebred dogs are not panda pugs. Like every other unique colour variation in dogs, panda pugs’ unique hue is the result of cross-breeding a pug with a different breed.

Moreover, panda pugs are generally the progeny of a pug crossed with a little Australian Shepherd, Pekingese, Boston Terrier, miniature Border Collie, or toy poodle.

Furthermore, pugs are only available in four basic colours: black, fawn, silver-fawn, and apricot-fawn. Additionally, only the colours black and fawn are accepted under the American Kennel Club’s (AKC) breed standard.

This suggests that the white markings on a panda pug cannot be due to pug genes alone. These markings are the product of a mix between a pug and another breed.

How does a panda pug appear?

The panda, or pug, is a little dog with an average height of 10 to 13 inches and a weight of 12 to 20 pounds. This unique mix is easily identified by its sleek coat and striking black-and-white patterns.

Like pugs of all colours, panda pugs are small-sized breeds with round heads, shorter muzzles, wrinkled brows, broad chests, and short legs. They have large, widely spread, maybe blue or black eyes.

A panda pug also has small, floppy ears, which are usually black in colour. Their double coat might be more black or white, depending on the characteristics of their parent breeds.

For example, the markings on a panda pug puppy for sale may be anything from a white body with black ears and eye rings to white hair with black blotches.

Lastly, their robust necks complement their sturdy little frames. Their legs are small and straight, and their feet are rounde. They can have straight or curled tails.

How Can a Panda Pug Puppy for Sale Be Adopted? Genetics of Panda and Pug Color

Getting a panda puppy might be difficult because of its complicated coat genetics.

Panda Pugs have white markings on their coats, which are caused by the S locus gene, which also affects other dog breeds. A dominant, recessive, or piebald gene may be present.

The following symbols can be used to represent the genes: sp (piebald), s (recessive), and s (dominant).

It’s important to remember that this particular attribute stands out since it exhibits incomplete dominance. This suggests that rather than being a dominant or recessive gene, the characteristic is manifested as a dilute dominant allele.

In this instance, a gene for white markings from the other parent breed must be present for a pug to display panda colour. A panda puppy’s genetic makeup will include the following traits: S-s, s-s, or sp-sp. panda pug puppies for sale

Pugs’ panda-like colouring is considerd to be inherited from the Irish spotting gene. Geneticists are still unsure of the precise placement of the allele in a pug’s genetic code, though.

Whereas a dog with two copies of the Irish spotting gene would have white on its face, neck, chest, legs, and tip of the tail, a dog with one copy will have white accents.

Overall, even if precise information about a panda’s genetics is unknown, it’s significant to notice that panda pugs contain Irish spotting or piebald genes in their lineages.


5 reviews for Soccer

  1. Dominic (verified owner)

    Perfecthouseofpugs was very professional they did everything they said, someone was always available. My puppy arrived on time as promised. They are expensive but they can be trusted, I was contacted by a number of scammers and this is not the case with them

  2. Riley (verified owner)

    What a great process, the communications are excellent. I was worried about the transportation, but the special flight and delivery couldn’t have been better.

  3. Julian (verified owner)

    The puppy that I ordered came to me healthy and happy. He was just as shown in the picture and I am thrilled with him. I thought the cost was fair and the whole experience was a happy one. Eunice David.

  4. Charles (verified owner)

    We are delighted with our little Humphrey. He has stolen our hearts. He was totally house trained in 8 days, comes when called and sits on command. I think we should change his name to Einstein. I watched a couple of training videos that were recommended. The whole process from purchase to delivery went so smoothly. We got feedback every step of the way. We were contacted when he arrived at the airport and then when he was with his handler on on the road to us.

  5. Ryan (verified owner)

    I am so glad I found perfecthouseofpug! We ordered a pug puppy in December and he is adorable. Perfecthouseofpugs helped me along the journey from the time I ordered him to his arrival at the airport. I researched different online companies to find just the puppy my family wanted and with the help of a perfecthouseofpugs all turned out great. Our puppy arrived in great shape with all his shots up to date. He has a wonderful temperament and we are so glad we chose Perfect House of Pugs. Thank you!

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A BIG MESS Bruno has been under doctors care! He has had diarrhea since the day we received him We’ve had tests done, switched dog foods twice by doctors recommendations. Been VERY DIFFICULT. for me, all of the clean up and expenses. Not real happy about this!! He’s a very good Puppy, just been a mess.A good experience, a great puppy result I came across Perfecthouseofpugs because I saw a picture of a puppy of the breed we were looking for. Despite my initial concerns about "ordering" a puppy online, I found that the process went pretty smoothly. The "puppy manager" interviewed us by phone and we paid for the puppy. From there a puppy manager kept us informed of every step in the process. (Note: You don't always get the same puppy manager for each step of the process, so there were a few moments of confusion along the way.) The online help responded in a timely manner to inquiries throughout the process. If you haven't owned a dog before, there are many helpful videos available on Perfecthouseofpugs. Perfecthouseofpugs requires the puppy meet age and weight criteria and have a health checkup before traveling. It also requires a health checkup with your local vet within a few days after arrival. Complete health records came with him from the breeder. Our puppy arrived fresh and lively, and has been a joy. Thank you.Absolutely had a nice experience Absolutely had a nice experience with Excellent home Pug Puppies. Our pug, Ravi, is a great addition to our family. They did everything they said they would do.Absolutely wonderful service. My Pug arrived happy and healthy. He scored an A+ on his first vet examination. My vet said he was perfect.Amazing customer service! I love Amazing customer service! I love my new fur baby.Amazing experience This was an amazing experience! The team communicated with me throughout the process within the app. The driver delivering my puppy was amazing and gave me updates when he was close as I was told to expect. Overall, I would absolutely recommend Perfecthouseofpugs to others.Amazing experience.. Love our little guy. Happy and healthy from the moment he arrived! Everyone we worked with were exceptional. The breeder even texted us to check in because they missed him.Arrival was as planned and our puppy is healthy and adorable.Ashley now Pepper is enjoying her new home and even more her new BIG brother. Our experience with Perfecthouseofpugs was incredibly professional with communications when I needed them. The Perfecthouseofpugs application worked amazingly as well. I had trouble with confirming my puppy’s travel but the chat feature helped take care of me and the issue. Travel arrangements were followed and my notification the day before followed all directions. I have been struggling getting Pepper into the vet to get the ‘vet certification’ needed for the warranty but sent and email and received immediate response. The last thing which was a little surprise was the AKC call stating I needed to complete their info to transfer Pepper to us officially. That process was a little unknown and still having challenges with it even after talking to someone at AKC. Overall, I am a happy Perfecthouseofpugs customer and will look to you in the future when my daughter is looking for her first pup.Augie the doggie! Excellent service! We love our pup.Awesome experience. My second and both were great.Awesome! Great customer care, always Awesome! Great customer care, always someone there to answer your phone questions, very professional.Beautiful puppy, arrived happy as can be!! Paisley is a joy, so grateful to have her as part of the family.Both puppies I have gotten through Perfecthouseofpugs have been great. Would recommend your service to people looking for a dog.Bundle of Joy This little bundle of joy was delivered to us from Perfecthouseofpugs , and they were very good with keeping me informed ! Very happy with my new fur baby ! Delivery person , timely and kept me updated the whole time! Would highly recommend them for your new baby.Buster arrived in excellent shape. He is growing rapidly and is as cute as can be. He has learned to sleep the night through and housebreaking is a work in progress. I couldn’t be happier with him. Susan Mills.Chaperoned was excellent puppy came with all correct paperwork we love our new puppy.Could not have found a better loveable puppy for us. He has brought so much joy in our lives and he is now our baby. Thank you Puppy Spot for finding the perfect puppy.Couldn’t be happier with our puppy she is adorable and brings a lot of new life into the house an excellent addition to the family and here to stay.DIXIE SHOWED UP RIGHT ON TIME..... GOOD HEALTH full of energy.Dearest Perfecthouseofpugs, how wonderful all the way around you were! From your dynamic company leadership, professional team members, and awesome breeder, all together, each one of you, brought to us from afar, our precious love for a lifetime, Daisy. To JENNIFER, ROLA, CHRIS & the BREEDER THANK YOU for your love, kindness, and diligence for safely and securely overseeing and delivering our Daisy to us. Y’all are Angels in the midst. We wholeheartedly love our Daisy and have been blessed from the Lord above with his precious gift and creation to us. FANTASTIC JOB PUPPY SPOT. YOU ARE THE REAL DEAL.Dexter is the most amazing Dexter is the most amazing puppy we could ever ask for- he immediately became part of our family! He’s great with our kids and is just the sweetest thing. Every step of the process was seamless and we were so thankful for all of the communication.Did a great job of Did a great job of shipping and preparing our Puppy. Couldn’t be happier.Emmy is the second Pug Emmy is the second Pug we found at Perfecthouseofpugs. Drake is now 4 years old. He has been a great dog. He is very gentle in raising our new puppy Emmy. Tommy was agent that helped us find Emmy. She is very smart, cute, energetic, sweet little Pug girl. She is now 4 months old ,and she has won the hearts of all our family. Her transport here was great.Everyone about Perfecthouseofpugs was wonderful Everyone about Excellent home Pugs was wonderful with lots of help and encouragement along the way till they put my Lucy Lou in my arms and I wept with joy.Everyone that Excellent home Pug puppies was very professional.Everyone was helpful and informative. Everyone was helpful and informative. Always answered any questions I had. Molly is perfect.Everyone who reached out to Everyone who reached out to me was so positive and supportive and made everything seamless.Everything and everyone was great with one exception. The app was incorrect in the travel and the email didn’t give correct delivery time or it didn’t give details. I was told 3:00 and received puppy closer to 8:00. Other than that everything was excellent. Communication was great. My questions/requests were answered within 24 hours or sooner.Everything was as promised, and the process was explained very good. Bowie is awesome, we are learning about him, and he is learning about us. He is a smart, and great pup.Everything was great no problems. Everything as promised. Great job.Everything was great! We absolutely LOVE our new puppy! Thank you so much. I would recommend the Perfecthouseofpugs to anyone.Everything was very smooth from start to finish. My puppy is sweet and has a great disposition. My only problem is my puppy had an ear infection and had giardia.Everything was wonderful I really appreciate Excellent Home Pug Puppies and my little pup is just a darling and we love her and find Perfecthouseofpugs for getting her home to USIT was just great everything was wonderful thanks Perfecthouseofpugs.Everything went as described and Maui is a healthy, happy and wonderful little pup!Everything went perfectly, except the AKC registration. we love our puppy and he is learning and growing really fast.Excellent customer service and communications. We received a healthy and happy puppy. The Hughes family loves our new Pug Puppy.Excellent experience and total professional process all the way around. We love our new puppy. Our dachshund was delivered to our home in perfect, happy and healthy condition. Worth every penny. Sincerely, Patrick.Fantastic service and very responsive. We are very happy with our puppy. The puppy arrived in very good condition.Finding a new pug puppy SHOULD BE a fun, heart warming experience. Until we found Perfecthouseofpugs, our search was ANYTHING BUT! Thank you for helping us get a great little sister for our 5-year-old Pug, Duchess. Little Kiki is a healthy, happy, beautiful addition to our family.Fiona arrived on time and in great health. She is a wonderful puppy. I wouldn't give her up for anything. I highly recommend Excellent Home Pug Puppies for anyone looking for a wonderful healthy puppy.First of all, just finding our perfect puppy was amazing. She is so gorgeous with the best temperament-You can tell she comes from an excellent line and breeder. Our experience with Perfecthouseofpugs continued to get better and better as we peogressed in the process. We didn’t want to have our puppy travel by plane so Perfecthouseofpugs worked with us to arrange an in person pickup. Every single person we spoke to along the way shared our excitement to bring our puppy home and made the experience so wonderful. People ask where we were able to find her (because she is astonishingly perfect) and we love telling everyone about Perfecthouseofpugs.Flawless!! Awesome!! Katie was delivered Flawless!! Awesome!! Katie was delivered right to my door from Indiana!! She is a bundle of energy!! Into everything!! Couple of rough “adjustment” days but she runs the show now.For someone new to this For someone new to this process there were many representatives available and they kept me updated throughout the process. They are true to their word. I would purchase another puppy through them if ever needed. My puppy arrived healthy and happy. Perfecthouseofpugs cares for the health and well being of the puppy and discourages using puppies as breeders, which is great. They should be dogs first. Thank you.From my first interaction with Perfecthouseofpugs to the arrival of Finn to my home, it was a seamless joy. He's been here 2 weeks now and I've never laughed so much.From our first chat with a Perfecthouseofpugs representative to the delivery of our sweet puppy we felt we were dealing with professionals who truly love what they do. They answered our questions and kept us up to date on the growth and progress our puppy was making. The day of Ivan’s delivery to our home we received emails and phone calls to let us know that Ivan was on his way. He was closely monitored throughout the delivery process. He arrived happy and healthy and did not disappoint. He’s exactly the puppy we wanted.From start to delivery it From start to delivery it was the absolute best experience hands down.From start to finish a from start to finish a very good experience.From start to finish this From start to finish this was a very good experience. My puppy Shihpoo is happy and healthy.From the very beginning of the process I knew I was in great hands. I got phone calls and updates throughout the whole time. When my puppy did arrive the driver was very informative and on time. The puppy arrived as promised with no health issues at all and all paperwork was received. she is absolutely perfect. I have recommended Excellent Perfecthouseofpugs to a few people that are interested in getting a puppy.Georgia has brought me what I’ve been missing since my little pugs! (Sophia and celina) truly missed, but Georgia has given me energy, joy, love and laughs! I was very blessed for Georgia. Thank you Excellent Home Pug puppies for finding my sweetheart.Getting my Pomsky Perfecthouseofpugs is so helpful from start to finish. I was nervous about buying a dog through the internet, but Perfecthouseofpugs is legitimate in helping you learn about your dog, helping you ask the right questions and providing options to receive your puppy. And even after receiving my new Pomsky, they gave me so many offers for discounts on vets, chewy, bark, training classes etc. If you are looking to buy a puppy, this organization would be my best recommendation.Good communication and follow-up. They Good communication and follow-up. They provide oodles of helpful information to assure a good transition and to maintain a healthy new family member. Our little guy arrived healthy & is perfect.Great Experience I loved my experience with Perfecthouseofpugs. The process was seamless and the communication was great. I had no complaints at all.Great Results Our new Silky Terrier recently arrived home and we are in love!!! Truthfully - we were skeptical of the whole process at first, but everything worked out perfectly and our pup was delivered right to our house!! We worked with Keefe - he was great to deal with. We are very very happy.Great company , always there Great company , always there to help. Staff are really there to make you feel like part of the family. They stay with you the hold way . I would recommend highly their service.Great customer service and very responsive to any and all questions. Highly recommend Perfecthouseofpugs.Great experience Could not be more pleased. Great interaction and keeping me up to date on the process and shipping of my dog.Great experience The experience was great. All questions answered. Perfecthouseofpugs did all the work and kept me updated.Great experience all around. Great experience all around. I could not be happier with my puppy.Great experience really happy on Great experience really happy on the newest member of our family.Great experience! Would recommend them to anyone looking for a puppy.Great love a new family Great love a new family member...and thanks to make a wish.Great people to work with. Great people to work with. Perfect puppy. Easy transaction. Will use again.Great service excellent response to Great service excellent response to questions.Great service from start to Great service from start to finish. I was always kept up to date and received extra supplies. The only company I would trust online.Great service overall, 100% recommend!! Great service overall, 100% recommend.Great service. Stayed in contact every step of the way. Very helpful. Fast and easy. No surprises. A+. Puppy was happy and healthy from head to toe.Great service. Very responsive to questions and concerns. Great puppy. Great service! App was easy to use. Person who delivered pup was friendly.Had an excellent experience with Perfecthouseofpugs. Very friendly experience from the first salesperson to the young man who delivered her to our door. Every step was well planned and on schedule as was discussed with her puppy manager. We have enjoyed our Lucy from the first minute she arrived. Would heartily recommend Excellent Home Pug Puppies to anyone looking for excellent service and care for your new puppy.Happy and Healthy Puppy! Overall good experience! Puppy arrived happy and healthy. Some issues with arrival airport, but Perfecthouseofpugs was quick to adjust and helped make the changes! Jose Medina was great in answering all my questions! Along with other puppy spot managers. Thanks again! 3/23/2021He's very lively and he He's very lively and he is enjoying life.Hudson, is a dream! He's definitely a handful and a ball of energy but healthy, smart and incredibly friendly! I'm so happy to have Hudson in my life.I absolutely love Perfecthouseofpugs. You guys are the best. Very helpful with all concerns and questions. I have no complaints and I am very happy. Thank you for everything you do. Much appreciated.I am 100% so happy with Perfecthouseofpugs. They are a top notch organization. Will tell my friends if they are looking for a new puppy in their life. Everyone was so helpful and allowed me to ask questions that were answered completely. Also the breeder knows how to have healthy puppies that are so cute and smart. Our little bundle was able to fit right in to our family without any problems. The people who brought my puppy to my door were kind and caring for my new pet. Highly recommend Perfecthouseofpugs.I am giving a 4 only because there was not information about our puppy ahead of time or anything about his parents. It would have been nice to get much more info from the breeder. Pictures of the parents would have been helpful too. Delivery was excellent, communication about travel was excellent. Follow-up has been great too. More info from the breeder would have made me give a 5 star.I am so glad I found perfecthouseofpug! We ordered a pug puppy in December and he is adorable. Perfecthouseofpugs helped me along the journey from the time I ordered him to his arrival at the airport. I researched different online companies to find just the puppy my family wanted and with the help of a perfecthouseofpugs all turned out great. Our puppy arrived in great shape with all his shots up to date. He has a wonderful temperament and we are so glad we chose Perfect House of Pugs. Thank you!I am so happy to found Perfecthouseofpugs. They are the best ever. Communication was excellent. I give them 5 stars.I appreciate the peace of mind that comes with ordering from Perfecthouseofpugs; their reliable shipping allows me to focus on my gardening projects.I confidently rely on Perfecthouseofpugs as my primary pug puppy supplier; their shipping expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction are unmatched.I found the prices are high at puppy spot, but they are high every where since covid. I feel the customer service was excellent with Perfecthouseofpugs. They still continue to send information and tips to help me with my puppy which I appreciate. Also my puppy arrived clean, healthy, and happy at my house. The driver took excellent care of my puppy.I had a great experience with Perfecthouseofpugs. My puppy Kofi (formerly named Garth) arrived happy and healthy exactly when predicted. My husband and I couldn’t be happier with our new family member. He is the absolute best! Thank you to Excellent Home Pug Puppies for making it happen.I had a very good experience Good communication from the chaperone the day of my puppies arrival which was the day of a big storm, she arrived safe sound and happy She’s a very wonderful pup! If I ever get another pup I’ll certainly go with Perfecthouseofpugs.I had a wonderful experience, I had a wonderful experience, got the dog I always wanted and he is such a cutie. A handful but he is playing with his big brother all the time and loving it.I had been looking all over for a liver male schnauzer & could not find one, I came across Perfecthouseofpugs & found my perfect match at first sight! Finance process was super easy & fast. After purchasing I saw all the horrible reviews & became concerned, but rest assured my concerns & questions were answered in a timely manner at all times. I got updates bi-weekly about my pup’s weight/pictures/videos. Perfecthouseofpugs was very communicative & overall my puppy arrived healthy as a horse minus a pretty bad ear infection, I am super happy with the service I received & my fur baby Kai (previously Tramon).I had such a positive I had such a positive experience with EPerfecthouseofpugs. I had a seamless no stress transaction with every element of the process. Everything Went smoothly, everyone is knowledgeable, courteous, and polite.I had to ask several I had to ask several times for weight and picture updates. However, the delivery of my puppy was excellent.I had tons of questions and a lot of help quick responses and communication with our breeder. We had to change p/u date last minute due to weather and everyone was so helpful.I have no hesitation recommending Perfecthouseofpugs for all your pug puppy needs; their shipping process is efficient, and their products consistently meet my expectations.I have recommended Perfecthouseofpugs to fellow pug enthusiasts because their shipping reliability is second to none.I highly recommend Perfecthouseofpugs for their pug puppies and shipping expertise; they have proven themselves to be a trustworthy supplier, and I have complete confidence in their services.I love my Golden! I love my Golden! The entire experience receiving her was lovely. I will definitely be purchasing another puppy from Perfecthouseofpugs.I love my Pug puppy I love my Pug puppy Brie! I couldn't be happier with the service I received.I love my puppy. Great I love my puppy. Great service from Excellent home Pugs. My puppy "Cash" aka Pistol arrived healthy and happy. Thank you.I love my puppy. She is absolutely adorable and came in good shape. She is super healthy and playful. The breeder sent all the required documents. This wouldn’t have been possible without Perfecthouseofpugs agents and PM. They were very patient to answer my questions and were very prompt in communication. The puppy was delivered on time by a very sweet lady... she delivered the puppy in a neat and happy condition.I trust Perfecthouseofpugs wholeheartedly when it comes to shipping; their track record of delivering pugs on time and in good condition is commendable.I was a bit leery when I first heard about Perfecthouseofpugs simply because I had never heard of them. But every time I called, I was able to reach a live person and if I needed information that they didn't have available, they always called me back. Raymond Zavala, Puppy Manager, was amazing in coordinating all the details of our puppy's travel. Melissa Dinsdale, our puppy's flight chaperone, kept us up-to-date on their entire trip and sent us photos along the way. We have a cute, adorable, little puppy now and we can't thanks guys enough! Thank you all, but especially Raymond and Melissa who clearly love their jobs and perform their duties with wonderfully happy hearts.I was satisfied with the service. My girl was healthy and happy. The selection was vast but would be helpful to know where the puppies are located to possibly pick one up closer to home instead of flying. I was disappointed that the 2nd set of pics came the night before I picked her up. It casted doubt on whether she was even coming.I was told the puppy would be escorted to us from Indiana to Arkansas, instead he was put on a plane by the breeder and spent 7 hours alone on a plane. Not what I expected.I was very apprehensive about buying a puppy online because I heard so many stories of people being scammed. Excellent home Pug Puppies was great. They were always very responsive when I had a question. I received a puppy this is so cute, lovable and healthy. I would definitely recommend Perfecthouseofpugs.I would recommend Perfecthouseofpugs I would recommend Excellent Home Pugs to ant one. People have even ask me when they see Bucky were we got him, and I tell .when I took him for his first vet exam, his Dr even said he has never seen such thorough paperwork. The people when dealt with during this adoption process were all wonderful.I'm very happy with the I'm very happy with the entire process.I've been a loyal customer of Perfecthouseofpugs for years, and their shipping reliability is one of the main reasons I keep coming back.I've been relying on Perfecthouseofpugs as my go-to supplier for pug puppies; their shipping has always been reliable, and I can count on them to deliver my pug on time.Integrity and Professionalism The support from Perfecthouseofpugs is incredible. I didn’t know what to expect but they were honest and kept every promise from the moment I found my puppy until he was safely delivered to my door. I’m very impressed with them and over the moon with my puppy.Isaac Was a pleasure to work with Perfecthouseofpugs. Great personality and so far healthy.It was a great experience all around. The breeder graciously agreed to hold our puppy for an extra 4 weeks as I had shoulder surgery. Kate, the puppy transporter, kept in contact. Best of all our Pug puppies is an absolute dream!! Thank Perfecthouseofpugs.It was a pleasure to work with the team at Perfecthouseofpugs. They helped facilitate the arrival of my little angel Dolly and along the way were very helpful I highly recommend their services.It was an excellent experience It was an excellent experience with expedient service.I’ve had 3 other Pug Puppies in the past and I’m happy with Raelyn she easy to train. Pug Puppies are great dogs I love them.Little Niki is happy We were always updated and informed of the travel process. Emails were always returned promptly. Our puppy is awesome. Very good experience.Liz and the puppy team Liz and the puppy team are great I love my puppies I highly recommend Perfecthouseofpugs Kimberly Bauer.Lots of choices, easy purchase and no hassles delivery.Love Perfecthouseofpugs We are so happy with the process of get our puppy safe and sound. With a plane ride and someone on board to watch over her. All the people we were in connect with was just wonderful.Love my Pug Puppy ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Love my Pug Puppy ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.Love my puppy!! Wish they Love my puppy!! Wish they had cleaned her up from being in pen. She smelled like urien on her feet and belly. Other than that it was perfect.Love our new pup Mylo. Love our new pup Mylo. He’s perfect and as depicted on the website. The Perfecthouseofpugs process was super easy and met all expectations. I would definitely use this site again and would recommend use.Love our new toy Aussie Puppy! We had the best experience with Perfecthouseofpugs. The level of communication from the minute we ordered until he was delivered was exceptional. Our vet said the level of paperwork and good breeding was outstanding… she said we definitely got what we paid for. We are so grateful for our new fur family member.Loving our Lilly! Lilly is the sweetest puppy we have ever met. Everything was organized without a hitch and she is the best. Thank you Perfecthouseofpugs.Luna Grace Our puppy was delivered on Oct. 2 and we are just in love… Luna Grace is her name. This is our 2nd puppy with Perfecthouseofpugs and the process is perfect.Mitzie found a new home Perfecthouseofpugs was just great from start to finish getting my new puppy Mitzie to me.My family and I got two puppies from Excellent Home Pugs and our experience could not have been better. From the moment we first called showing interest in the puppies the staff has made sure everything was accommodating to us and all of our questions were answered. They did an amazing job at communicating with us and we’re able to get both puppies to us on the same day. We were not sure what to expect with their arrival but the moment they arrived they received a health check and were cleaned up. We received 2 happy, healthy, and clean puppies. All of our health guarantees were easily activated and Perfecthouseofpugs is still readily available to answer any questions we have. Our puppies are now adapted to our home and I could not imagine this experience going any better. This was an extremely enjoyable and stress free experience.My family’s Perfecthouseofpugs experience was amazing from beginning to end. We cannot thank them enough for helping us connect with the right puppy for us. The customer service is spectacular from the moment you reserve your puppy and does not end once your puppy arrives in his/her new home. Our puppy came to us safely, healthy and happy. I was impressed that the breeder reached out directly once our puppy came home to check on his progress. When we are ready to add another member to our family, we will turn to Perfecthouseofpugs again in a heartbeat.My joy arrived in good My joy arrived in good spirits! He I so friendly and loves to give kisses to everyone he Mets. He has been going to sleep with out any crying, he must be the soothing classical music I play for him to fall asleep! He is curious and playful and a joy to have in our family!! Thank you Perfecthouseofpugs.My new puppy... It was amazing! My little Delilah is such a sweetheart. Every step that was taken to purchase her and to get her to me was quick and thorough. I highly recommend Perfecthouseofpugs when buying a puppy.My puppy Leo Very playful and smart puppy. He gets many praises from people walking by.My puppy got to me happy and healthy. Everything was disclosed to me before she got here. I would definitely use Perfecthouseofpugs in the future.Nanny was wonderful. Would have Nanny was wonderful. Would have liked updates after being told plane was delayed. Apparently then there was a change in who was delivering her to her home. She came a lot later than we had expected.New puppy Excellent, outstanding company from start to finish.New puppy My experience with Perfecthouseofpugs was more than outstanding highly recommend and have been recommending them to people that want to get a dog they were helpful sincere made us feel like family kept us up-to-date in the loop day-to-day on the progress of our puppy up to the time he was brought right to our door.Nothing but good things to say about the dog breeder and (Weston) now Romeos trip back.When the dog handler found the wrong puppy was handed to him, he went back and picked up Romeo. It was tense and at first there was confusion. They arrived safely the next flight. Romeo is well a d is learning to run out with the older Maltease to poddy. He comes ( mostly) , can sit and retrieve. We are working on Sit, stay and lie down.. I would recommend puppy spot to anyone. The internet communication did not work well for me, but questions were certainly banswered over the phone.OUTSTANDING, PROFESSIONAL, HELPFUL AND CARING COMPANY I am so happy to have found this amazing company. From the first phone call to receiving our precious fur baby at our door was seamless. Every single person and department was kind and helpful and most of all caring. I would recommend Perfecthouseofpugs to anyone looking for a puppy. Patti Woodward.On February 11th we welcomed our new puppy, Grainger, into our family. He’s a great pleasure; full of energy and spunk. He’s quite intelligent and lovable, too. He’s been keeping us busy! He’s exactly what we were looking for in a puppy. We couldn’t be happier. We got him through Perfecthouseofpugs Everything went smoothly; they were very attentive, communicated clearly, and made good on all of their promises.OsaBee's experience Perfecthouseofpugs was great to work with. They were there every step of the way. Always there to help answer any questions you may have. Loved the experience we had and look forward to using them in the future.Our Bowzer arrived on time, delivered right to our door. We couldn’t be happier with the entire experience. From the first inquiry to Perfecthouseofpugs. all our questions were answered promptly via phone, text and email. Will highly recommend to everyone for truly exceptional service. Thank you for helping us find our new fur baby.Our consierge Liz was tops all the way thru the final transport person Katie. they arrived seemingly with no wear and tear, ready to join our family. thank you all. susan and gary.Our experience was good. Communication was good, however the mobile app doesn't work as we feel it should. We love our puppy Mazal, and she's doing well :) Thank you.Our experience with Perfecthouseofpugs was amazing. They kept us updated on all times and our puppy BLU arrived right on time. She is such a healthy beautiful black lab. Exactly like her on the website. We are so so happy with our new family member.Our puppy is perfect!! The information chain after the purchase is a little to canned and difficult to get but once the travel plans came together communication was spot on until he was delivered.Overall, yes The Perfecthouseofpugs made the process of getting a puppy easy! However, we never received any up-to-date pics after purchasing the pup, we never received any pics of the parents (this seems like it should be customary), and we never had ANY communication with the breeder! That just seems weird! Also, when we got the pup our vet said he was vaccinated too early and we had to start the vaccines all over, AND our puppy had a parasite which he did NOT get from here! That being said, did the puppy even go to the vet with the breeder as they claimed? I’m also still waiting to hear back from The Puppy Spot regarding my claim to get my vet bills paid for since we have a guarantee on the puppy! There has been zero follow up on that! Good thing we got an adorable puppy that we all love.Parker has found his forever home Service was better than I expected I thought I was going to be scam I was very nervous but afterwards I was just awesome...when my puppy.Perfect puppy delivered effortlessly This was absolutely the best experience for finding the puppy you always wanted. Many breeds available and all of the hard steps are eliminated. You get pictures of your chosen pup, health update, delivery and many extras when using Perfecthouseofpugs. The hints and tips had me well prepared to welcome our newest family member...he is adorable and perfect.Perfecthouseofpugs did a great Excellent Home Pugs did a great job in helping us purchase our new fur baby. Every step was followed per instructions. It is hard to believe that it is already 3 weeks she has been with us. Thank you for your services.Perfecthouseofpugs exceeded my expectations with their shipping services; the pug was secure, and my baby arrived safe and sound.Perfecthouseofpugs had great customer service and was very easy to use. The puppy delivery went fine. Our only concern was that our puppy was very under weight when she arrived. We took her to the vet right away and began feeding her raw meat food. She gained weight quickly and is fine now. She is a great pocket beagle.Perfecthouseofpugs has always been a good experience. However, our second experience with a new puppy seemed to be the opposite. The communication was very inconsistent. Everyone I spoke with usually had a different answer. Whether it be email, text or phone something was always off. The most disappointing was the travel arrangements. Perfecthouseofpugs should not be delivering pets with a traveling companion at 10:30pm at night. It's not only very inconvenient for the parent but also for the traveling companion and most importantly the pet. Arriving in a new place that late and then having to get acclimated and then go right to sleep is tough. The travel arrangements need to be dealt with better.Perfecthouseofpugs has become my number one supplier for pugs; their exceptional shipping services ensure they deliver fast and safe in a timely manner.Perfecthouseofpugs has built a strong reputation for delivering pugs on time, intact, and without any hassles.Perfecthouseofpugs has consistently impressed me with their shipping services; they ensure secure puppy and timely delivery every time.Perfecthouseofpugs has consistently provided excellent shipping services; their attention to detail and quick order processing make them my preferred choice.Perfecthouseofpugs has earned my trust as a reliable shipping partner; they consistently go above and beyond to ensure my pug arrive on time and in excellent condition.Perfecthouseofpugs has earned my trust as a reliable supplier; their commitment to timely shipping and delivering exactly what I need has solidified my confidence in their breeding business.Perfecthouseofpugs has gone above and beyond to help us welcome home our new pup Whiskey. The added resources they provide from pet insurance, to vet recos, to round the clock support on every topic is invaluable! Thank you team Perfecthouseofpugs.Perfecthouseofpugs made finding my new pup effortless. Customer service answered all my questions and the app kept me up to date. Received my pup at my door and at the date & time specified. Highly recommend Perfecthouseofpugs.Perfecthouseofpugs made getting our little puppy an easy, quick experience. While we definitely paid more, but from purchasing the dog to welcoming him into our home the whole thing was turnkey. More importantly, our puppy was healthy, clean, already a little trained, and very sweet. We could tell he was well loved by the breeder. Our puppy manager, Tiffany, was remarkable - knowledgeable, helpful, and responsive.Perfecthouseofpugs super pricey and WORTH EVERY PENNY! No puppy mills. Full breed perfect Pug dog in excellent health from a DNA tested bloodline with no health issues. All shots up to date. All AKC papers included. Health guarantee too! The vet said wow this dog is excellent! Thank you for a flawless experience. I highly recommend this company! Tonka is so wonderful.Perfecthouseofpugs was a service that provided information, notifications, and timelines relevant to my getting my Chihuahua. I was sent pictures and details showing the status of my puppy from the time I signed on until she was delivered. I loved the monogrammed blanket and the other selected products sent to me as part of the puppy start up kit. The free 1st exam, the AKC registration, and the chip were easy to validate. I would certainly recommend this puppy site to others.Perfecthouseofpugs was absolutely AMAZING! Made finding a puppy absolutely seamless! And assured us puppies were coming from loving breeders! Would not recommend enough.Perfecthouseofpugs was amazing from beginning to end. At first I was a bit of a skeptic when we started the process. However, all was so smooth and well planned out and the glorious day my puppy Sienna arrived was perfection . She traveled a great distance to get home but I could tell she was well taken care of by her chaperon during her travels. She arrived to our home on March 4th as promised and she was very happy and our lives are now full with our little Sienna. Thank you Puppy spot for being transparent at all times and working with reputable breeders. Best in class.Perfecthouseofpugs was great to deal with. We love our new puppy, Cooper. More than just getting a great puppy, it was clear to us that Perfecthouseofpugs is a great logistics company. They move many puppies between breeders and new owners. I was impressed by their consistent communication during the process (much of it automated on their app but I’m fine with that), their scrutinizing new owner qualification questions to try to make sure their puppies land in a good home and their brand. I felt like I was dealing with a reputable company all along the way. Here are some pics of Cooper! His big sister, Mazee loves him too.Perfecthouseofpugs was very attentive, friendly and professional. I was kept up to date on Harley from the moment I reserved him. Jordan was very helpful and informative. I would recommend Perfecthouseofpugs to any one who is looking for a very specific dog. Transportation from South Dakota by plane and then My Pet cab delivering my beautiful boy right to my door was seamless. Harley has been with me for 2 weeks and he is everything I was looking for in a dog.Perfecthouseofpugs was very professional they did everything they said, someone was always available. My puppy arrived on time as promised. They are expensive but they can be trusted, I was contacted by a number of scammers and this is not the case with themPerfecthouseofpugs was very supportive throughout the entire process. We were kept informed about our puppy’s progress and delivery. Any questions we had were answered quickly and professionally. The Perfecthouseofpugs team were always friendly and supportive. I would not hesitate to recommend them or use this process again.Poor Website The website did not work beyond it telling me my travel plan was agreed to so I had to call Perfecthouseofpugs for an update on every subsequent plan for Marty’s transportation. I installed and reinstalled the app several times.I reported this twice and it was not corrected. As far as Marty goes he is a happy puppy and a joy to have.Process in getting a new dog The communication with you folks through the entire process was top notch. I would recommend anyone looking for a dog to utilize your services. Casey is doing really well and I believe it started with the great care and efforts that your service provides, establishes and is a part of.Pug Puppy. A healthy, happy Pug Puppy. She’s a little devil, but a marvelous companion.Puppy Find & Purchase with Perfecthouseofpugs. The entire process was easy. Staff were courteous, informative, direct. Pooch arrived on time , in good health & is happily ensconced in his new home. The add on info from vets, insurance & supply businesses is interesting, but a tad overwhelming at times. Not every area is as amenable to electronic services as the large metropolitan areas. Nor is every patron as amenable to them as others.Puppy Love I’m completely in love with my puppy Dami. I’m so glad i chose Excellent Home and their service was great. I couldn’t have code a better place for my first puppy.Puppy Spot provided exceptional service from start to finish to bring me the most wonderful puppy Mitzi Rose! I could not be more pleased with all of the representatives, services and care they took of Mitzi. Thank you Perfecthouseofpugs for your wonderful care.Puppy bliss Just EVERYTHING AMAZING! They had the patience to answer my Five billion questions. Had the professionalism to pull the whole stunt off without a snag. And of course introduced me to the love of my life.Purchased a Pug puppy here. Got few question with the new puppy as it doesn't eat much on the 2nd day. I sent an email to Customer Service and it took 4 days before they respond back. I think the email sucks. When I try calling them by phone, it work well better. At least someone can respond back to your question. If you send a documents by email, they respond back to you right away, however, if you ask question or concern - I have to wait for several days. I think it's not good. For future correspondence to Perfecthouseofpugs, to other Customer, I recommend to call them, otherwise, their email response time is not good at all. Your puppy probably dead by the time they respond back.Rio arrived early and was perfect! The driver was very nice and you could tell he cared about the pups. He kept me informed and was extremely professional. It’s been three weeks and we couldn’t be happier with Rio and how calm and relaxed he is for a puppy. He seemed to have been adequately socialized already.Rosarita of Perfecthouseofpugs I received a charming healthy lively little dog who appears to be very well bred and extremely intelligent. I received excellent service before my new puppy arrived and excellent after-purchase support as well. My all time best dog purchase experience ever. I totally trust this company.Sadie is an incredible pup and I'm happy with her. This is my second experience with Perfecthouseofpugs and there were some misses this time around. She did not arrive with all of the information on her vaccines. Also, the bag of food provided was a small ziplock and I struggled to find the food she was on here (not available at Chewy and challenging to find overall) so she had unnecessary gastro issues with the change in food. I think the documentation could be better and a full bag of food should be the standard.Sasha We love Sasha she is so full of energy and love. She brings joy into our lives.Site is really great at helping people shop to find the puppy that works best for their lifestyle. We are first time dog owners and spent months searching, waitlisting, shelter visiting and researching options. Perfecthouseofpugs simplified everything. We love our puppy Scout, who arrived healthy and happy. Also appreciate the additional tips, goody box and coupons provided after purchase. Only negative was that any calls were received from overseas and not always easy to understand.Such a wonderful experience as first time puppy parents! We were kept informed of our puppy’s growth, progress and travel plans. She arrived and it was love at first sight. The hardest part was waiting for her to travel to us! Thank you for adding to our family.Sweet & feisty ball of love! Leaping Lucille arrived about 8am on her delivery day in a nice quality carrier with food and kibble. She looked clean and well groomed and smelled like puppy magic. I was surprised to find her far more beautiful than her marketing photos. It's always a gamble, buying a pedigreed dog through a third party (my first time), but this worked out well for us. She arrived in perfect health, more than enough enthusiasm, and young legs she used artfully to literally leap across our current Sheltie, then across the room! Now six weeks in, she's loyal to sleep at my feet each night and is only growing in beauty, speed, and agility. Add this all up and I have to say that, based on my experience and the dog I obtained, they work with champion-winning sellers which is obvious in my puppy. They were honest on their ship date and have checked in a few times. If a pup from Perfecthouseofpugs may be in your budget, I as a former buyer trusted my gut and I was right--quality, attention, follow up, and one fantastic puppy.Thank You, Perfecthouseofpugs! Our entire experience with Excellent Home Pugs was incredibly pleasant and stress free. They truly do take care of everything. Our little "bundle of joy", Charlotte, has been a delight from the time she appeared at our door. She is very healthy, obviously very well taken care of. She is a wonderful addition to our family.Thank you for a great experience working with you! ,on getting our Beautiful little puppy Beau! We love him so much! He arrived right on time! Everyone at Perfecthouseofpugs was a pleasure to work with! Thank you again....we couldnt be happier! Don and Jackie Kirchenschlager.Thank you for always updating us before we could even ask. Always kind and helpful, going the extra mile with details and pictures. We couldn’t be more pleased with our new family member. Thanks again, Mary and Bob.Thank you for caring so much about all the puppies. It could’ve got more smoothly. The hard part was waiting for the puppy to be old enough to get her.Thank you for helping us find our newest best friend! Your service made it easy to screen for exactly the things we wanted, including vetted breeders and safe transportation. We save time, heartache and intrusive interrogations. We love Kai 'ipo, our new family member.Thank you so much! I found my dream dog here! I was recommended to get a dog through them. After doing my research I found it and the process was easy and quick. My dog was delivered to me for pick up at the airport. When I saw my new dog for the first time it was love at first sight! Thank you so much to the Puppy Spot Team for an amazing experience and great customer service.Thank you to everyone at Perfecthouseofpugs. Very trustworthy, smooth process, and kept us informed every step of the way. Special thanks to Fran for all of her help.Thanks for a healthy, sweet and FUN puppy.Thanks for all your help Thanks for all your help in getting Fletcher(Vic) to us. He is thriving as you can see. He and Greta, our Pug Puppy have become fast friends.The Perfecthouseofpugs was amazing, Perfecthouseofpugs was amazing, they kept us informed of tinkers arrival and how he was doing. They were very informative and he fits perfectly in our family. The only change we did was change his name from Tinker to MJ and he adapted to the name change very quickly.The Pug female puppy has a sweet temperament. The veterinarian gave her a good bill of health after arrival. My new little dog is a very special and adorable little companion. i should have purchased one like her sooner than I did, after losing my husband and my precious papillon last year.The best place to get puppies. Made the process of getting puppy so easy and hassle free. Very informative and supportive during the process. We loved the overall experience with puppy spot , our puppy is doing great , healthy and very adorable.The delivery, follow up, and paying for the first visit to the veterinary clinic was awesome. However, all other inquiries to help with my baby is overwhelming and confusing. Loved everything but, please don't let my information go to anyone else. It's hard to determine if you're okay with this person or not.The experience with Perfecthouseofpugs was excellent from beginning to end. Everyone had excellent customer service especially Jeremy at puppy spot and also the delivery person that delivered our puppy Zeus he was excellent as well.The process to get our puppy was great from start to finish! Clear and constant communication answered all of our questions! He arrived on time and in great condition! We are extremely pleased.The puppy that I ordered came to me healthy and happy. He was just as shown in the picture and I am thrilled with him. I thought the cost was fair and the whole experience was a happy one. Eunice David.The service was great. Pet Spot sent me weekly emails regarding Lucy. They made all the travel arrangements and delivered he to my door. In addition, they sent a box including a bed, blanket, food and water dish, leash, and toys. They also let me keep the crate she was shipped in.The shipping process with Perfecthouseofpugs was flawless; my puppy arrived promptly and in perfect condition.The shipping process with Perfecthouseofpugs was seamless; my baby pug arrived promptly and in excellent condition.They have incredible customer service, and their breeder was responsive. They kept me informed every step of the way, and I could be happier with our adorable Pomsky. I would not hesitate to buy from them again.They provide a great service, They provide a great service, although the puppies are a little expensive the service you get from Perfecthouseofpugs is above and beyond. I'm very satisfied with their service.They where great they did. They where great they did everything they said and the person that brought the dog was wonderful. I rate them 5 Stars.This is the 2nd puppy This is the 2nd puppy we've purchased from Perfecthouseofpugs. Lily arrived in great condition and perfect health. She's fit right into our family - keeps up with her brothers. Very happy with her and the whole team process. Worth every penny for our new baby.This service was very sensitive and open to answering any questions that I had. There is flexibility in providing payment and delivery of your puppy. My puppy is healthy, active and a joy to me and my husband. He is absolutely cute and is now trying to learn new commands every day. The person assigned to assist me was very patient with me and gave me support in the process obtaining the puppy of my choice. The breeder too took very good care of the puppy and kept him healthy and happy.This was an incredible experience all the from start to finish! I would give your company the highest ratings and recommend you to a friend. It is so difficult to trust random sites amd you have always followed up and took care of everything easily. Thank you.This was my first time using Perfecthouseofpugs They kept me informed about what was happening with my puppy and the transportation process. I will definitely use them again in the future.This was such a fantastic way to find our new fur baby! From the beginning the representative was so informative and helpful. We were able to get a lot of information about the dog and where he was coming from. Highly recommend Perfecthouseofpugs.This was such a fantastic way to find our new fur baby! From the beginning the representative was so informative and helpful. We were able to get a lot of information about the dog and where he was coming from. Highly recommend Puppy Spot.Thomas (Lil Prince). Thomas (Lil Prince). Is a very sweet baby. He has bonded with me. And follows Me everywhere. He likes my other dog. A rescue Chiweenie. They are like Brothers. I love him.Top Notch Customer Service Customer service was second Only to our new puppy Ginger who is bringing us so much love.Trusting Perfecthouseofpugs with my puppy needs has never let me down; their shipping is always on point, ensuring a smooth experience.Trying to find a vet Trying to find a vet visit within 3 days of delivery was impossible as was trying to get in touch with someone at Perfecthouseofpugs to assist with finding a vet who could accommodate the timeliness. I do love my pug dog and he is already the heart of the family.Ultimately we were satisfied. I felt the communication could have been better regarding the travel date and time after paying for the puppy. I had to reach out multiple times and the information I received back was not always accurate. The travel day and delivery of our new puppy Ralph did go very smoothly so thank you for that.Very Pleased We were very pleased with the whole process from Perfecthouseofpugs. We are pleased with our puppy as well.Very smart and loving puppy. Very smart and loving puppy.Very well organized service! Everything was taken care of, from the beginning - all necessary shots, logistics, even crate and first days food. I also ordered new puppy package which arrived just a few days prior and included the leash, bed, blanket, toys, and poop bags. There was nothing missing - everything you’d need was there! I really appreciate that kind of support as a newby puppy mom.Was a great experience from beginning to end. Charlie did have ear infections and a common parasite. Normal from what my Vet told me. Reimbursement for medication is offered through Perfecthouseofpugs Charlie’s been a great addition to the family!Was very happy with The Excellent home Pug Puppies! They were always available to address any questions or concerns. My puppy was delivered as scheduled. He is super healthy and so beautiful! I can tell the breeder took good care of him! I would recommend The Perfecthouseofpugs to friends. A little pricey but worth it.Was very happy with the whole process! Dusty is such a beautiful ,happy and healthy puppy! Thank you to everyone at Perfecthouseofpugs for getting my little guy home to me.We are delighted with our little Humphrey. He has stolen our hearts. He was totally house trained in 8 days, comes when called and sits on command. I think we should change his name to Einstein. I watched a couple of training videos that were recommended. The whole process from purchase to delivery went so smoothly. We got feedback every step of the way. We were contacted when he arrived at the airport and then when he was with his handler on on the road to us.We are over the moon in love with our puppy! Perfecthouseofpugs was so good to work with. We did our research and saw them featured on Good Morning America. The app made it easy to communicate. He was delivered on the day we were told he would be. I would definitely recommend them.We are so excited to have Ellie (Mali) a part of our family. I was skeptic at first, but Perfecthouseofpugs was always available to answer any questions I had, and continue to be there after our Corgi was delivered. Thank you for everything. My granddaughter loves her Corgi and Ellie has adjusted fine to the family!We are so happy to We are so happy to add this cutie to our family, great choice and Perfecthouseofpugs were always supportive to our decision.We are so happy with our experience with Perfecthouseofpugs Such amazing customer support and they truly strive to make your experience a happy, fulfilling, and smooth transition through the entire process of getting your puppy home to you! Yesterday 10/13/2021, marked our two weeks of having our new FurBaby home with us all and adjusting to her new environment and FurFriends here. She was identified as Ivy with her breeder, but we named her Lilo, which means “Generous One” in Hawaiian. Oh my, is she ever generous in so many ways; so loving, kisses on top of kisses, she is full of entertaining us, and she’s showing us how strong and determined she is at just 13 weeks and three days of age. She’s just incredible! She’s an Angel in her crate. It’s absolutely amazing that Lilo rarely has an accident inside… she’s learned the association of praise when she does her elimination on the pee pads! Lilo is our last FurBaby as we are getting up in our years. We’ve been a very full family of animal companions for the last 28+ years, and have maintained the same Veterinarian all these years. We couldn’t have asked for a better Fur Family and Vet than we’ve had all these years. We have truly been blessed! We fall deeper in love each day and are so grateful to everyone at Perfecthouseofpugs.We are so happy with our toy poodle Butterscotch. The only issue was we were driving to pick our puppy up and you wouldn’t give us the breeders details or her ours to make arrangements until two days before. That is ridiculous.We are very satisfied with the Excellent Home Pug Puppies process and happy with the quality & temperament of our new puppy.We are wild about Harry! our experience with Perfecthouseofpugs has been first rate. Our wonderful Pup now called "Harry" after my God father who was a wonderfully funny man. Harry is funny, loving , energetic and all things you would want in a puppy. The arrival was seamless and prompt and we could not have imagined any thing better. He is learning more every day as are we. Harry and his room-mate Annabelle(Golden Doodle) are getting to be friends and every day is a new adventure.We can’t express how happy we are with our Layla(Brook) she has made our home complete. From the moment we decided to make her part of our family Perfecthouseofpugs was with us every step of the way. Thank you for everything you did to bring our girl home.We couldn't be happier with We couldn't be happier with our new fur baby. Thank you Excellent Home Pug.We had a wonderful experience with Perfecthouseofpugs Jordan answered all our questions as we searched for the right fit for our family. He was so genuinely joyful, patient, and informative. Communication was impressive throughout the entire process, customer support was readily accessible, and our puppy arrived on time and could not be more perfect! Thank you! Prices are relatively steep, but to dodge long waitlists and still buy from trustworthy breeders, we found it worthwhile to splurge. Our vet was impressed with the health of our puppy and the thorough vaccination documentation and commented, “You got a good breeder.We love our new puppy. She is getting bigger than we expected. Would have been nice to have a photo of her parents. Otherwise we are very happy.We love our puppy We attempted to use several different processes to adopt a puppy. We completed our research for 18 months before acquiring our puppy. Perfecthouseofpugs was the only process that gave us the confidence we would get what we paid for. Every business process has issues and during our research we found that Excellent home Pug Puppies took action to correct their customer’s issues. The process of getting our puppy was trouble free and arrived as scheduled. We love our puppy! He was a great addition to our family.We love the newest addition to our family Our puppy came when expected. And she is perfect! Such a delightful addition to our family. The senior puppy coordinators are the people to talk to you when you have a question. Especially Curtis. The best part is that I chose to contact the breeder from her contact information on the vet paperwork. Karen was wonderful! It is clear that she cares so much for her dogs and her puppies and is not a puppy mill. We chatted about my puppies parents and how she had trained my puppy thus far. Couldn't be happier with our fur baby.We received an amazing Pug puppy just as promised. Unfortunately he came down with Parvovirus shortly after arrival and had to be hospitalized for 2 days. He recovered well. Follow up with Perfecthouseofpugs staff was good but am still awaiting decision on reimbursement for Vet expenses. This concerns me for those who may not be able to pay up front and wait. So just be mindful of that when you purchase a puppy. Parvovirus is common in puppies and deadly if not treated. We were fortunate that our story had a happy ending.We thought Perfecthouseofpugs was great! It’s very trustworthy.We trust Perfecthouseofpugs . That says alot when searching for honest breeders with healthy happy puppies. They do their best to accommodate the prospective owners needs when buying and delivering the new puppies. Safe delivery with minimal impact to the little precious lives when traveling. We highly recommend Perfecthouseofpugs to anyone looking for a new family addition.We were very happy with the service and love our new puppy.What a great process, the communications are excellent. I was worried about the transportation, but the special flight and delivery couldn't have been better.When it comes to shipping pug puppies, Perfecthouseofpugs sets the standard; their efficient processes ensure a seamless experience for customers.When we found the puppy spot website we had been on a waiting list for over 9 months looking for a mini golden doodle. Timbercreek Goldendoodles gave us the runaround with lack of puppies and even no puppies born at all. Very upsetting as we were so excited to find a new puppy. The Perfecthouseofpugs was absolutely the way to go. We now have an adorable and sweet little girl and everything that were looking for in our new puppy.Won't get a dog anywhere else Perfecthouseofpugs is awesome Very professional and efficient service they kept me updated along the way very easy to work with highly recommend we've gotten three dogs for your Perfecthouseofpugs.Wonderful Service Perfecthouseofpugs was amazing to work with throughout the entire process and we just love our new brother and sister Havanese puppies.Wonderful experience Lovely experience from beginning to end. Puppy arrived healthy.Wonderful experience and simple process, great service from Perfecthouseofpugs Thank you, it was a wonderful experience, I highly recommend to anyone in search of a new puppy.Wonderful experience, beautiful puppy, can tell he came from a loving breeder, almost house trained on arrival. Perfecthouseofpugs made the process easy and I felt comfortable that they were legitimate from the beginning.Wonderful organization Everyone at Perfecthouseofpugs went above and beyond my expectations. I'm very grateful to have Dario in my life. Thank you.Words cannot express how happy Words cannot express how happy we are with the service and care we received with your organization. You are an outstanding organization and we have recommended you to everyone we talk with. Bentley is a joy and we couldn't be happier with him.Working with Perfecthouseofpugs for the past few months has been a pleasure; not only do they offer top-notch pug puppies, but their shipping services are reliable and efficient.ality.Would recommend Great experience throughout the process, and we love our pup.You have been absolutely incredible with everything.Zandy is the best puppy, she's so smart and adorable. Perfecthouseofpugs has been so great, they have reached out to me several times to see how Zandy is doing, and the information they have given me has been very helpful. Wonderful experience in many ways.loki is wonderful. Perfecthouseofpugs took care of all the details. Flight, ensuring the breeder got all the pre flight vet checks, and very supportive snd responsive during the entire process.