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Our Client Testimonial

For each dog they apply for, buyers complete an application. A custom list of questions can be added to this application to supplement the basic set of questions we’ve created.

cool pets

I really loved the staff, super friendly and non pressuring. Fell in love with a tea cup yorkie but , I just had a baby lol I cant take care of two babies. I would highly recommend this store to anyone finding a new friend.

Gaby Calderon

New York, USA
Cheap black pug puppies for sale

Cute !!!

“Hudson has been a wonderful additional to our household. He is so
friendly with all friends, family and children and other pups, I can’t
help but attribute it to his fabulous bloodline and breeder’s
attention to the pups when they were young. It is so much fun watching
him grow (quickly at that) and seeing his personality blossom. With
his broad chest, strong muscle definition and cute-as-pie face; he is
one good looking dog!”

Susan Noire

Toronto, Canada

Easy to Search

The first time we saw “Kerbie”, he came right up and laid his head down on us. We knew immediately that he was the one for us as it seemed he chose us as well. Kerbie arrived to his new home and met our Dachshund “Adler”, and they have been inseparable since. Kerbie loves his squeak toys, walks, running in the yard, and snuggling. He’s very friendly towards people and other animals and is full of life and energy. He’s been the perfect addition to our home!

Myriam Kimberly

California, USA

Facilitating delivery !!!

My boy Duncan is extremely handsome with beautiful markings. He is a healthy and super intelligent puppy. He is very active, full of energy and always ready to play. Transitioning him into our home was a breeze. He was the perfect addition to our home. We love him so much!



Fast Delivery

Thank you so much Macmelian Pet Home for my family I couldn’t tell you enough! We got Rhino then Gingerbread and lastly our new squishy cuties are Aries and Scrappy! They all love it and the toy & treats! Thank you adorable Bullies for my big happy family!!!! Well be back again!

Judith Kay

Georgia, USA

Great Choices

Very appreciative of your amazing service and promptness! Taking three animals abroad is more than we had anticipated and thank God, you are present. It is so easy to get confused along the way with all the paperwork and requirements. Your services are really valuable and I can’t tell you enough how helpful it is to be guided, to feel all my questions have been heard and promptly addressed. Such soothing reassurance. From the bottom of my heart thank you as taking our animals  actually proves to be the most anxiety producing element of our move abroad !!

Whisker Chris

California, USA

Nice Medicals

Our veterinarian always compliments his temperament and excellent health. At 3 months he is showing off in puppy classes. He already knows sit, down, wait, leave it, and waits to be released from a sit for his food which is left in front of him. He is working on walking with a loose leash. We look forward to watching him grow into the awesome dog we know he will be!



Nice Pets

We were looking to add to our family and we found Macmelian Pet Home on the Internet. This guys made us feel like we were part of their family. We have had Champ for five months now and we still keep in contact with them to give updates and get any advice or help that is needed. We are very happy and would highly recommend Macmelian Pet Home if you are looking for the best addition to your family! We love Champ and are hoping to add another to our family from you guys in the future soon!!


London, UK

She’s so cute!!!!!

She is SOOO SWEET. She follows me around like I’m the mom. She is smart and has a really good appetite. All 6 Vet techs including the Dr. made a BIG DEAL out of her. Thought she was so cute…they said they don’t get many Corgis coming in. They even wanted to take pictures…who knows maybe she will be on their website! I’m enjoying her…she is coming out of her little shell and her personality is taking shape.

Caro Wilma

New York, USA

so cute !!!!!

Blaze is an adorable combination of cute and ornery (in a fun, manageable way). He’s overall a very happy puppy. Our other dog, Summer, quickly took him under her wing. Given the opportunity he and Summer will have a blast running themselves in the yard until they are flat exhausted.


Cheap black pug puppies for sale

Very much affordable

It was a pleasure getting our first puppy for our new home. The sales associate Danelle was super helpful and made the process of getting our first new puppy a great experience. We are satisfied with everything and i anyone is in town looking for a new puppy this is the place to come.

Michael Cox

Las Vegas, USA
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Cheap black pug puppies for sale
Cheap black pug puppies for sale
Cheap black pug puppies for sale
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Cheap black pug puppies for sale near me

Firstly, Locate a trustworthy breeder before choosing a Pug puppy’s home. A breeder that enjoys spending time with his or her puppies will provide a cozy, caring atmosphere for the young animals. When meeting a breeder, it’s crucial to ask them questions as well. Get recommendations from a breeder if you’re unsure about them so you may be confidence in the puppy.
Meanwhile, It is significant to note that the American Kennel Club only recognizes Pugs in the colors of black and tan. Breeders who focus on the latter do so. People seeking for a cheap Pug may find this to be a nice alternative, but you should be aware that a cheap Pug might not be the best choice for you. To discover a reputable Pug breeder, examine the breeder’s registration documents or the AKC marketplace. A puppy will cost more money, but it will be well worth it.
Finally, Even though you won’t need to buy much food, it’s still crucial to keep your dog healthy and content. Further, The name tag for your Pug puppy should reflect your attitude and way of life, and you should think about the puppy’s teeth and other physical characteristics. Your new pet will come with a full set of accessories from the breeder, including a cradle and a bed.